Challenges Of Being A Single Parent

Single parents have so many emotional challenges that can feel incredibly overwhelming, even though it is a very rewarding experience. There are numerous amounts of single parents who go back and forth about the same issues that include stress over making all of the decisions alone, anxiety over money issues, and self-doubt in themselves and often wondering if they are doing the right thing. There are several issues that a single parent deals with on a continuously daily basis, and the struggle is very real for these individuals.

Tag -In

One of the biggest challenges of being a single parent, is that there isn’t anyone else that they can tag in. There is no “out” in any situation, and this means that it is a 24/7 routine and nobody to take over when you are feeling incredibly overwhelmed and like you are having a “bad parent” moment. A single parent doesn’t get a time to take a break, it is a job that must have complete focus of the parent every and all hours of the day. This is where a learned technique of breathing exercises can come in handy and be extremely helpful.


Then there is those moments when every single parent questions if they are doing a good job or not. This can be an extremely frustrating feeling to feel, especially when you feel you are doing everything wrong but you still have to keep going. It is always important for the parent to realize that nobody is perfect, and for them to realize that they are doing the best that they can. This is when breathing exercises come in handy again, and sometimes it even helps to cry and let those emotions out.

Stress, Money, And Making Decisions Alone

There are so many moments in everyone’s life when they have their moments of anxiety and stress about their mony situation, and for single parents this can be an even more challenge than most people realize. There are many single parents who have just taken some time to themself to cry, as well, because they do not want their child to be worried about money. Exercising is a huge stress reliever and you will be able to get those emotions out with hard exercising. In this point in time, all a single parent can say is that they known that their child has clothes to wear, and food on the table, then they will be just fine. Worry about money is a common issue for so many families.
Another added stressor that goes hand in hand with worrying about money, is making decisions alone for you and your child. This can cause a huge amount of anxiety for a single parent, because they are wanting to be sure that they are making the best decision possible and they feel like they aren’t. Taking a step back, getting those feelings out through some type of activity will help, as well as, learning to understand that because you are making these decisions alone, that you are doing everything you can to make sure that they are the best ones.

Losing A Sense Of Self And Missing The Kids When They Are Gone

A single parent is often expected to be able to do everything, and are looked at as a “super mom” or “super dad” because of it. Working a full-time job, and then coming home to be the only full time parent can often lead to neglecting to take care of themself. It is important to always set aside some time for you to spend on yourself.
Loneliness can be an incredibly big challenge for a single parent to deal with. When their kids go to spend time with the other parent, this can leave the single parent sad and lonely. The best thing to do for this feeling of isolation, is for them to contact their friends or family and have a night out of fun.


In Conclusion, single parenting is one of the biggest challenges that an individual can face. Therefore, it is important to take time for yourself, find ways to relieve stress, and realizing that they are doing the absolute best that they can, is the only way for a single parent to make the daily process easier. There is no magic wand that can make everything 100% better, but facing the challenges head on and understanding that they will make mistakes, as well as doing the best job they can, is what will get a single parent through the emotional twists and turns of their journey.