How to Deal with Judgy People

Posted on: August 8, 2016, by :

Dealing with different types of negative people can be a real challenge. Other people’s words and actions do not have much to do with you anyway. When people speak about you, then you should understand that it is just their opinions, and you have your own opinions. You should never take things personally to begin with. Here are just a few great ways on how to deal with judgy people:

  1. Have a compassionate attitude.
  2. Change your attitude to gratitude.
  3. Remember those who love and appreciate you.
  4. Remember that abusers like to blame their aggressions on the faults of the victim.
  5. Remember to treat everyone with love and respect.
  6. Speak positive and think positive.
  7. protect yourself from the force of an asteroid.
  8. You must learn to tolerate judgy situations and judgemental people.
  9. It is important to keep an open mind as well as a loving heart at all times.
  10. When nothing seems to be working the best thing to do is kindly walk away.

Critical or judgy people can be found throughout your life, work, family and elsewhere. Sometimes people really don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but sometime there are those who are heartless. You can start your day off in a really good mood, then someone comes along just to put you down. This can make you feel like a heavy wet blanket.

You can always maintain control of the situation. Just like the critical people need to take on the responsibility for their harsh comments, then you have to take the responsibility for receiving the negativity. You can never change how people act or talk around you, but you can change how you act around them. Did you know that you could kill people with kindness?

You can avoid negative people by going your own way. Simply do not take on the negativity. These negative people may need to get a new life, keep busy, etc. When you are busy you have less time to mess up other people’s life by talking or acting negative. With time, your relationship can improve with judgy people altogether as long as you make a positive effort.